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Animal Chiropractic is a field of Veterinary Medicine that allows the practitioner to find "Vertebral Subluxation complexes" (VSC). 

A VSC causes a reduction of movement within the normal Range of Motion (ROM) of a joint as well as causing inflammation within the associated nerves.
Veterinary chiropractors are able to assess the spine and other joints to determine if they are "stuck" and can then undertake specific adjustments to the VSC's to return them to normal motion.

The Chiropractic adjustment not only allows for the return of normal ROM but also allows for the normalisation of the nervous system and promote the innate ability of the animal to heal itself. 

When Chiropractic is used on a regular basis we can maintain the normal function of the joints as well as delivering pain relief and reducing inflammation of the related nervous system. 
This will allow your animal to reach more of its full potential. 


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