Lazaris Nerve Release-Balanced Equine Performance

Lazaris Nerve Release

Lazaris Nerve Release has been added to our repertoir in early 2023 and the improvements we have seen in horses have been remarkable. Celeste Lazaris is the founder of this methodology which includes Balance Through Movement Method (BTMM) which is a way of working with horses to allow the correct development through simple connection and exercises. Celeste's website can be found here 

What is  Lazaris Nerve Release?
Nerve Release is aimed at releasing Nerve Compression and creating space around nerves by the releasing of fascia, muscle and the skeleton. It also helps to reset the nervous system through activation of the parasympathetic nervous system. It is a system developed by Celeste and has been used to treat undiagnosable lameness, thoracic sling dysfunction, erratic and dangerous behaviour and so much more. 

What is BTMM?
BTMM is often described as the missing piece for many horses and owners. It is a way of being with your horse and then building on correct biomechancal use of their body using 3 Pillars. Celeste has a wonderful video explaining Pillar 1 and I would recommend everyone watches this for further information on BTMM and how much it can change your horse. I personally have used the Pillars in many horse rehabs as well as client horses and have seen first-hand the remarkable changes this has made for these horses. 

Nerve Release sessions
Nerve Release sessions usually take about 1.5hrs and must be organised separately to ABM treatments. Please Message or email for more information. 
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