Prolotherapy-Balanced Equine Performance


Medical Prolotherapy is a very effective injection treatment that is now being used in human Sports medicine and gaining great respect. It has a low rate of complications compared to most other options. Dr Ian Bidstrup has pioneered the adaptation of Medical Dextrose Prolotherapy to equine spinal and upper body strain. It is a very exciting modality as it enhances and compliments Animal Biomechanical Medicine (ABM) and Veterinary Acupuncture. Dr Ian Bidstrup has been instrumental in introducing me to Prolotherapy and teaching me how to incorporate it into my current treatments. This is still a new modality however and we are continuing to develop and expand our knowledge in its use. 

What parts of the spine and Upper limbs benefit from prolotherapy? 
Most imprtantly the dorsal sacroiliac ligament attachments to the tuber sacrale of the pelvis, the attachements of the hamstrings and biceps femoris muscles to the sacrum, the attachment of the longissimus, abdominal obliques, tensor fascia lata and superficial gluteal muscles to the tuber coxae of the pelvis, the supraspinous ligament and interspinous ligament attachements to vertebral processes associate with kissing spine, cervical serratus ventralis insertions on the trasnverse processes of C5 and 6 and facet joints and in the shoulder region - insertion of subclavius at the top of the shoulder blade, the upper extremities of the biceps brachii, serratus ventralis, triceps and teres major muscles.

Why do these tissues benefit from Prolotherapy?
Prolotherapy is extremely effective at treating strained boney attachments. These strained muscles and ligaments commonly develop with 'high strain episodes' such as nasty falls, getting cast in a stall, pulling back when tied up and explosive burst of speed (especially associated with inclines). These strains may start off as a minor injury but with repetitive strain weaken the bony links and lead to greater and greater strain over time. Experimentally evidence shows these strained area's only heal to 50-70% of their original strength naturally. This leaves these tissues susceptible to further strain with normal activity. 

What is dextrose Prolotherapy?
It is a therapy which is believed to stimulate the release of growth factors while breaking the pain cycle at the site of chronically strained/damaged muscle and ligament attachments to bone (Enthesial Strain). 

How is Dextrose Prolotherapy performed?
The prolotherapy solution is injected just above the bone at sites of muscle and ligament damage. These damaged area's are usually tender and can be really painful. In my hands sedation is given prior to the procedure to ensure comfort for all involved. 

What is the solution? 
The solution is made up of a special low irritant local anaesthetic, concentrated dextrose (D-Glucose) and homotoxilogical solution. The only component of the solution that is swabable is the local anasethetic. Cortisone is avoided becasue it weakens rather than strengthens strained tissue. 

How quickly do the strained tissues respond to the prolotherapy?
The healing cycle for strained connective tissue is around 6 weeks. Mutlitple treatments may be required followed by regular booster treatments.

Prolotherapy for people? 
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Please Note: Dr Zoe Page completes the Prolotherapy and this must be organised prior to your appointment. 
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