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How do we perform Chiropractic?

Animal Chiropractors Motion Palpate animals which allows them to feel for area's of the spine that are not functioning and moving normally. The Chiropractor then uses a high velocity, low amplitude thrust in a specific way within the joints normal range of motion to return this area to a normal physiological function. 

How do we perform Acupuncture on Animals?

Very small Acupuncture needles can be used to stimulate Acupuncture points and are left in place for up to 20 minutes. Alternatively a hypodermic needle is used and a substance (Vitamin B12 and Traumeel – a homotoxicologic agent) is injected into Acupuncture points and will continue to stimulate the Acupuncture point after the needle is removed. Laser can also be used for sensitive area’s.

Typically the first consultation will take 1 to 1.5 hours. Follow up consultations usually take up to an hour.

How often will my horse need to be treated?

Treatment frequency depends on the condition being treated. An acute condition may only require 1 treatment however chronic conditions may require multiple treatments. A positive response is usually seen after 1-3 treatments. Treatments can then be organized if symptoms recur.

Chiropractic is a treatment modality that can preempt the formation of medical conditions. Studies have shown that regular treatments will help your animals ability to remain healthy, promote joint health and allow your animals full potential to be reached.

Musculoskeletal issues that can be treated include:

- Osteoarthritis- including Back and neck pain, kissing spines etc. 

- Lameness - Navicular disease, tendonitis and tendon injuries, laminitis, lameness of unknown cause and compensatory issues


Muscle spasm

And Medical conditions include:

- COPD, chronic cough

- Gastrointestinal problems,

- Behavioural problems (including marish behaviour)

- Infertility and irregular breeding cycles.

- Allergies and skin conditions

- Geriatric and performance maintenance

And many more!!!!

NB: Treatment should be performed in conjunction with your regular Equine Veterinarian.

What if my horse doesn't like needles??

A laser pen can also be used on acupuncture points in needle shy horses with great success. Sedation can also be used to ensure adequate stimulation of acupuncture points. Horses often become accustomed to Acupuncture treatments over time and sedation can be withdrawn. 

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